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by: Alexander Golob, Golob Art

We know that, to keep ourselves and our communities safe from Covid-19, many aspects of our lives are taking a pause. I believe that it is precisely at these moments of difficulty that it's important to celebrate the good. And today does have (at least) one thing worth celebrating: it's my birthday!

In celebration, I wanted to do something special to bring you a ray of joy as we're all hunkering down in our homes for social distancing. THIS WEEK ONLY, if you become a Golob Art Patreon supporter, we will send you not one, but two limited edition, custom designed, collectible postcards!

This postcard is really special. It came about as an extension project from the immigrant and origin story mural, Miles to Go Before We Sleep, that I did in Haverhill in 2018. I wanted to create a memento in the style of the mural that we felt really represented the city of Haverhill, so we came together with fellow artists Audrey Mercadante (@playing_withpaper), Cat Yu (@cyuself) and MaiHan Nguyen (@nah_iam) to create this beauty below. It depicts Washington Street, one of the most iconic streets in the city, surrounded by a vibrant, colorful border that is inspired by our mural, a nod to Haverhill's history, colored by its residents' diverse backgrounds.


Get two limited edition postcards: Support us on Patreon!****

In all seriousness, we know that right now the country, in general, and Massachusetts, in specific, are (starting) doing their best to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 outbreak. Here at Golob Art, we are doing our part by socially distancing, washing our hands... the whole shebang. It's critical that we all do our part in this. These measures save lives (in the several thousands to millions!). Here is a great data visualization (yay arts!) that helps explain the power of significant social distancing:

However, like many artists and small, local businesses, we will be and have already been affected by the outbreak. Projects have been cancelled or postponed. Thankfully, we can continue moving forward, though in a more limited capacity. While some projects have ended, we do have others that are moving forward and that only require online work or work in the studio (which satisfy the rule of significant social distancing). The reality is that, without substantial support (and a robust response from politicians!), businesses will close and working artists and creatives will suffer.

For any creatives out there, here is a page that has collected links to various emergency resources for artists. Sending my love to all of you creatives out there!

As you know, our support on Patreon is a significant contributor to the work we do to make public spaces beautiful and engaging. We would greatly appreciate your support.

We really hope that you enjoy this special gift that we all made for you. This birthday, I'm wishing for strength, health, and love to all of you.

- Alexander

ps: for any of you looking to pass the time, here's a wonderful collection of coloring books based on the art collections of 113 museums!

Note: Offer expires March 22nd, 2020 at 11:59pm EST

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